Friday, October 26, 2012

Model Systems Researcher Interviewed by Local News Station

Nancy Chiaravalloti, PhD, the director of Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Model System participated in an interview by local news stations News 12 and WMBC. The interview focused on new research in traumatic brain injury as well as resources and consumer supports that can help TBI survivors.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Traumatic Brain Injuries Making Football Parent Hesitant

We all want our children to be active and involved, so for football parents the sport provides that and more however there is a growing concern about head injuries involved with the sport. People have mixed views on the age that a child should be able to be involved with this on contact sport. Parents are beginning to worry about the strong disadvantages that may be involved with allowing their children to play this sport which frequently results in head on head collisions or a child at the bottom of the pile. The MSKTC feels that is is very important to gain Understanding of TBI as well as understand how it could possibly affect a young person after that have become a victim of Traumatic Brain Injury. Do you know a child that has sustained a brain injury from football?

Friday, October 5, 2012

NIDRR selects 16 TBI Model Systems to Fund

The National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research recently reached a new fiscal year and selected 16 new Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems to fund. The sixteen newly funded centers are:

The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
Mayo Clinic
University of Washington
Kessler Foundation Inc.
Virginia Commonwealth University
Craig Hospital
Indiana University
Albert Einstein Healthcare Network
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
The Ohio State University
University of Pittsburgh
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Baylor Research Institute
University of Miami
New York University School of Medicine

The MSKTC would like to congratulate all of the newly funded model systems, as well as everyone committed to advancing the traumatic brain injury field.